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The first two links below go to pages where MP3s and M4as of my music can be either listened to or downloaded.  The links below that, such as "background", give some explanation of how this is all done.  Most all music on these MP3s/M4as unless specifically labeled Karaoke or said to be something else, are 100% done by myself, Ron Plachno.

And yes, or course, if it sounds amateurish.  It is really okay.  I am an amateur :)

The difference in the first two links?  I had a recording studio together from 1992 or so to the year 2000 that then went obsolete.   Some of the music from that time is in the second link.  I changed out a few recording pieces lately in 2013 to recover my recording studio, and the items in the first link were mostly done in 2013 - although some parts of them may have been done by myself earlier and I fixed and updated them and added much recently. 

Ron's Music MP3's/M4a's 2013 recent

      Background on Some of the 2013 songs

Ron's Music MP3's/M4a's 1992 to 2000


Some Background

Some Early Art used for album covers to send music to unsuspecting relatives

A few New Setup Photos

Choice of Songs .. Why?

How these songs go Together?

Music Humor

Note:  At least right now, I plan on updating these pages as I go further

Clicking on the above FAQs image will turn you into a one foot tall magenta giraffe.  Okay - ....maybe that function is not working yet.

  • Are unicorns still with us?  Are not hippopotamuses just obese unicorns?  - Some, but other unicorns were plaid
  • Are these songs done like "Band in a Box" where I take pre-stored drum and other parts and just put them together and little of this is really mine?  No - unless I label it as such, such as "Karaoke".  Mostly every note, including every drum note, every part of a drum roll, all backup parts, comes from me.  Well, in a few cases, some may be read from sheet music, which helps a little, but sheet music that I buy does not give every part.  But even there I generally must enter every note either by playing it on a keyboard or entering it by mouse.  Keyboard is much faster and my preference.
  • Since both Winnie the Pooh and Attila the Hun both have the same middle name, are they the same person?  No.
  • How much of this comes from sheet music for the notes?  Answer - very little or none at all; many times I have no sheet music for the song at all.  Sometimes sheet music will give the melody notes, or even the chords that go along with the melody and sometimes the bass part.  Best case that would be 3 say of the 9 or 14 parts or so that I might use in a song.  But even there, I mostly just do my own bass part anyway, since I used to also play bass, unless the bass part is quite distinct and obvious in the sheet music.  Even with chords, I am not above changing the chords in the sheet music to make them more complex or less complex or just different.  Yes, musicians are a "surly" lot who were actually the first group that was destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah.  To quote (paraphrase) the great clarinet player Pete Fountain "Yes, I read sheet music, but I stop before it affects my playing".
  • Does money grow on trees?  Answer: some think so, mostly since some banks have "branches"
  • One person asked me once - your piano parts are fictional right?  No ones fingers move that fast.  Answer:  Real.  I generally play all piano parts live at the same speed on a keyboard.  As for my fingers moving fast, while my style may not be simply "honky tonk" - it is similar to honky tonk in that what I do is move quickly on the chord pattern allowed at that point in time - similar I feel certain to what a honky tonk piano player would do.  In others words, I do not find it amazing.  Just something you learn along the way.  Since my fingers can move quickly, yes, I am often watched in stores.  If I played cards in the old West, I would likely be shot by now.
  • I will bet that not all in your band gets along.  Answer:  And you would lose that bet!  Seriously, each member of our one person band always gets along with all of the other members all of the time.
  • "Anyone" could do this stuff !!  Answer:  I have not seen Bob and Gina Anyone for a long time, but perhaps they could.  But they have a very different style, as we both know.  Mostly tuba and tambourine festivals.

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