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Note: All five of these books are being sold now through at least two outlets:  GooglePlay, and Amazon Kindle. Some may also be available through Barnes and Noble Nook.

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I have broken the game of blackjack mathematically twice, first in 1984 or so, and then about 2001, 2002.  In each case I had computers play billions of hands to find the best plays.  In the more recent case, I also included some of the newer blackjack game variations.  This computer work leads to suggest best blackjack play as given in the book.

The word "complete" is in the title.  By complete I mean that not only is the book based on computer simulation and also gives tables and advice on best play, but it also tries to tell you what it all means.  It uses statistics to answer the very important question .. even if you put the odds in your favor, does that mean you will win?

Yes, the book is a combination of some normal talk but also some math that can get complex.  My suggestion - read as much as interests you.

With editing by one of my sons, Ken, this book I think is the most honest book on blackjack that I have ever seen.

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Many of the items I learned along the way, with examples from real life, and things to think about.  It condenses perhaps 40 years of learning into a medium size book.

Some will suggest that I must think that I am quite an egotist that I can suggest to others what to do.  Actually, I think all of us are born without much knowledge, including me.  And then we learn from studying and from the people around us.  I was fortunate to often have been around talented people.  I tried to keep an open mind and tried to learn.  And this is what I learned.

What can I say?  I wish that I knew the items in this book earlier.   Many of us learn the hard way.  Why did I write this book?  To help others... and in a way as some writers do ... try to live on perhaps in their books or other works... even longer than nature may allow.

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Becoming a One Person Band

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Ever wonder how to orchestrate your own band?  Of 4 pieces?  14 pieces?  This book may help.

This book gives some opinions on equipment or setup, but there are many approaches to all of that.  It also gives advice on how songs go together, some chord theory, and some good advice on how to deal with midi systems, multi track recorders, sound effects and more items that one encounters on the way.  It even tries to give some minor advice to singers ... at least those of us who are normal and are not born with a great voice ... and must work at it.

What is my opinion of all of this?  Yes, I have been playing musical instruments all of my life, and yes I have been "into" home recording studios for over 20 years.  But a part of me says... anyone can do this.  I have kept to the simple in my music, and I think those that work hard can also deal in the simple forms of music - and have a great deal of fun along the way.

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Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence 2nd Ed. - Ronald J. Plachno

Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence

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What is the fastest that humans have ever traveled? Do all Scientists agree that they understand gravity? Is the argument of Darwin versus Creationism a good argument on either side? Could some reality be in fact be an illusion as Einstein implied? Is it likely that aliens exist on other planets? This book tries to answer some of those questions, and how all truth we perhaps might believe, might actually exist together at the same time.

Why this book at all? Well, too often some people take one field of study, Science, Logic or Religion or other and only look at that item. However, if there is only one truth, should not all of these items of knowledge be able to exist together? And so, this book in its first two sections tries to describe in what I hope is simple English, how much and what humans know. And also what humans still do not think that they understand. That would seem to be a good starting point before going further into belief systems.

This book was written with an open mind. And I admit that it is best if read by someone who also has an open mind. The book leads where the information led, in the opinion of the author.

  Politicians on an Island eBook    Politicians On an Island 

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This is a Fiction book that is just for fun. It is something of a sendup of political systems for humor. It is set a slight distance in the future so as to try and not annoy people who are in political parties today. But I do admit, that someone with an open mind who might not belong to a political party might find it as funny as I do.

The book begins an undisclosed time in the future where the US political parties now have new names and new leadership. But little is getting done and there are a few extremes, since of course extremes simply are more funny. With this new situation, and new changes in US law, a recent immigrant to the US who is just a nice person with a nice family runs and becomes president. What now? Can this person deal with the craziness?





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