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Samples of the Thoughts inside of Some of My Books

note that not all of the excerpts here are word for word form the books, but deal with the subjects and the logic expressed in the books

Logic, Science, God, Human Intelligence Strategies Becoming a VP the Complete Blackjack Survival Kit
Do Aliens Exist? Becoming a VP Betting Schemes
Intelligence is a Choice Arrogance versus Self Confidence Does Luck Exist in Blackjack?
Is Wisdom a Good thing? Success and Hard Work Do Blackjack Dealers Cheat?
Determining Truth Opportunity Knocks Once Good Blackjack Stake?
Greatest Medical Discovery Donít Lose your Nerve  
History of Human Intelligence Never Work for an Idiot MORE BLACKJACK EXCERPTS
All Scientists Agree Under-Promise and Over-Deliver  
Most People Agree Prioritize or Die  
The Discussion is Closed Watch Their Feet  
It is Proven Science By Their Feet Shall You Know Them  
Can Computers be as Intelligent as Humans? Outsourcing, How to Evaluate? Book: Becoming a One Person Band
Blind Loyalty Begins by Becoming Blind    
Evolution versus Creationism    
Are Christians Science-Stupid?    
Does God Exist?    


The Books Themselves
book: Logic, Science, God, Human Intelligence book: Strategies Becoming a VP   book: the Complete Blackjack Survival Kit book: Becoming a One Person Band  Fiction book: Politicians on an Island 


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