Humans - Love them or Hate them

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Humans - Love them or Hate them

Friday, June 28, 2019

After much thought, it does seem to me that "things" do whatever they are expected to do. They do not move, talk back, call you names, take your things. Humans are far more complex. What to do with them? Is hating some of them okay? Well, that is up to you of course. I am 74 years old as I write this, and I do not hate anybody. I see it as a waste of time, and not sure how much time I have.

When I was young, perhaps a teenager, I decided even back then I was never going to hate someone simply because someone told me to. I do not recall the event. But likely it was a case where someone accused another person of something, and it turned out to be a false accusation. And so I decided that instead of believing the first hate thing I hear, that I owe others the respect of finding out for myself. And I have not changed in all of these years. The reason is that I believe what I learned back then was correct.

One might quickly ask me then if I am okay with killers, rapists and other bad people. My quick answer is no. However, each of us get to decide how to live. What I do ask is that those who agree with violence to other humans should all live off by themselves, somewhere, and never leave. In that manner, those that are okay with hate and violence are surrounded by like minded people who agree with that violence. And if they keep to themselves, who am I to wish them dead? I do not. I just make a different decision. Well, what if a clown who is evil comes up to me in my peaceful part of the world? My first thought is avoidance. I have found, I believe, over time that if people choose violence, or evil or the dark side, so to speak, they for some reason are not likely to change. Standing there and trying to fix them, is well, something that might not work for either of you. They have made their choice. You have made yours. It is clear that you and they are not compatible.

As for others, I admit that I am shocked that so many people seem to feel differently, and often hate whomever the leaders of their groups or political parties tell them to hate. I see things on TV where people will go to the house of someone they disagree, and shout bad things, scaring the family and children. This to me is not a protest. This to me should not be what we want in America. This is some disturbing mob action by people who should know better. In fact one can argue, that most groups that call themselves activists are likely not good groups to be in. If we respect others, how about instead that we listen to each other and talk to each other. That is the only lasting way to achieve a compromise that works for all. Violence just begets more violence. And as I watch the faces on TV that suggest violence, they do not appear to be happy people as their faces contort with stress.

And so, I am now 74 years old. I hate no one. But I certainly agree that you also must live your own life. You should decide how to live it, and what makes you happiest. What I seem to find, is that respect for others is what often makes me the most happy.


Ronald J. Plachno


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