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Drones War with Animals - the Animals win ...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hawk Takes out Drone

Angry Ram Takes out Drone and Owner

And in another instance, a man shot down a drone in or near his yard with a shotgun. Now in this case, the police decided for the drone owner. But myself, I would have a different opinion. One person sends a projectile (drone) at your yard. Another person uses a projectile (shotgun pellets) to defend his yard. Sounds similar to me.

The only two rules I have heard that the FAA has for drones are:

* Stay away from airports
* Fly less than 400 feet above the ground

Now, it should be clear that neither of those are going to protect your pets, your property, or the usability of your back yard, or even the lives of your family. As to whether or not some drone users are dumb enough to annoy animals, watch the ram video. That could be your dog - or child. And talking about being dumb, I think the ram gave two up-and-back warning movements before taking out the drone. Duh.... So, yes, some drone users are not the brightest - or at least are into high risk. And, so your pets and you have no protection.

As for your property, if a drone damages your house, your vehicles or things in your yard, will they leave a note? Let me think on that. Not always I think. So your property and valuables are also at risk.

One more thing I noted. Any one else noted how the hawk moved in going after its prey - going after the drone? It looked to me like movies of jet fighters going in for a kill. That was one serious hawk.

I predict ... this war is not over. It has just begun.

Ronald J. Plachno


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