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These articles I published as a help to others. I do hope no one will take offense at anything that I say here. No offense is meant. Hope some of these articles help someone.




Seeking Wisdom
Seeking Wisdom, I believe, can lead you not only to a whole new way of thinking, but also to a very different vision of the world that we live in

Becoming More Intelligent
Intelligence is a choice. Intelligence is also not an absolute, since there are limits. But each of us can choose to become "more intelligent."

Ron's Theory of Lazy Species / Alternate Title Theory of Lazy Species - Copyright by US Library of Congress
Subject above - what I believe is mostly correct in Evolution theory and where I believe it has issues

eBook Publishing
The steps I found I needed to take to publish an eBook and maintain rights to the work

eBook Writing Hints
Writing tips that I found for format, grammar, editing, fiction characters and more

Setup of your WD, Western Digital, My Cloud
How to install and setup your WD Western Digital My Cloud drive on your router for Ethernet, wifi cellular, usage

Android Applications that I would Recommend
Mostly free applications for android pads and cell phones - some do ask for money if you like them

Improving at 3 Card Solitaire
Things I have learned that helped me improve at this to 15% or 16% wins

Usage: Some Android and eBook Usage Tips
Some possible help on Android icons that disappear, or on what eBook readers and service availabe

Advice on Public Speaking
Some possible help from Ron Plachno based on my (his) own public speaking experiences

VHS to DVD Transfer of Your Home Movies
Gives some VHS history and some things to think about when trying to transfer home movies

TV Television SOE = Soap Opera Effect
So why do some late model LED large screen TV sets and some Plasmas show movies that no longer look the same?

Are Engineers Modeling the Human Ear Wrong?
While having Recording Studios that span perhaps 20 years, I have noticed some oddities that lead to questions, if not answers

Keeping a Lawn In Great Shape
This is just meant to be a help for those who find this article helpful

Book Review by a Christian (Ron Plachno) of "Killing Jesus" by Bill O Reilly and Martin Dugard
Book Review by myself Ronald Plachno, who has now read all three books in this series, but found this one quite helpful

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