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Note: Link Below to 1990 Motorola CID Talent Show, Wooster Lake, IL

Why do Music Videos?  At Least Today ... it seems like a fun idea.  I start with one...

USAGE:  The Music Videos were done in Mpeg4 video format, which keeps them smaller size.  However, not all browsers will play them directly.  Here is some info:

  • Windows Media Player can handle it, and of course likely some others as well
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser of course will work since it usually defaults to Windows Media Player
  • Firefox seems to ask me if I want to use Windows Media Player and I say "yes" and then it works for me
  • Chrome does not seem to play it directly.  You can of course download it to your computer and then double click it in memory to get a program to start it up, or just start up your favorite program and load it into it from the place you saved it in memory.
What a Wonderful World - Music Video - with Puppet Cartoons
mpeg4 Music Video
Dedicated to our Children and Grandchildren
Till There Was You - Music Video - the music was first done in the Music Man Musical (to my knowledge)
mpeg4 Music Video
Dedicated to my Lovely Wife Valerie
Someday - Music Video -("You were Always There for Me")- based on the original song and music by Sugar Ray
mpeg4 Music Video
Introducing Puppet Stars Wolfie and Lil' Red
Flat Dannica Vocal & Music Video (from idea from her Teacher Mrs. Prochaska, Cowlishaw Elementary School
mpeg4 Music Video
Flat Dannica is also based on a book Flat Stanley, where after becoming flat, Dannica can go anywhere easily



Click Here for MP4 Videos for 1990 Motorola CID Talent Show


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